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Changing the way stationery is delivered

We run our own fleet of uniformed delivery drivers who are courteous, friendly, helpful, and responsible for bringing your order to you nice and early – 90% of our orders are delivered before lunchtime – and in good condition.

They’ll ask you where you want the boxes to be left, and have no problem in taking paper up or down stairs or to certain parts of your office if necessary.

We pack our orders in our own branded, re-usable, recycled purple boxes that our drivers collect once you’ve emptied them out, and bring them back to our warehouse to be re-used on other orders again and again.

We estimate this will save us from using around 3000 boxes each year (over 200 trees) which will save on unnecessary packaging and save you having to break down and dispose of all those cardboard boxes yourself.

Its small changes like this that make a big difference towards protecting our planet.

Call us on 01903 236863 if you are fed up with receiving your orders packed in big cardboard boxes that you have to break down and recycle yourself, and if you would like to find out more about our reusable boxes and how we can help to reduce your carbon footprint.

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