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Cut landfill. Cut waste.

We offer a fast, free, no-hassle toner recycling service where we collect all your empty, used cartridges and send them to a specialist recycling plant.

By recycling your toners you will be helping to divert thousands of tonnes of landfill each year, and contributing towards protecting our precious countryside - the casing of ink and toner cartridges can take 1000 years to fully decompose in a landfill.

Each year, approximately 65 million printer cartridges are sold in the UK. It is estimated that only 15% of these are reused or recycled, equating to approximately 9.75 million cartridges per annum. That means the remaining 55 million cartridges are discarded to landfill.

According to the UK government, we generate approximately 228 million tonnes of waste every year. Not only does this cause damage to the environment, but it’s a massive waste of resource increasingly costing businesses money. The government is moving towards a ‘zero waste and circular economy’ meaning that it will be compulsory to reduce, reuse and recycle.

How can we help?

As we believe everyone has a responsibility towards the environment, we operate a free and uncomplicated ink and toner collection service to help you cut your businesses CO2 emissions whether you have just one, or hundreds of units, we will work with you to dispose of these in a responsible manner.

Our recycling partner collects over 800,000 ink and toner cartridges every month. Over 85% of what’s collected is remanufactured in the UK to provide cost effective alternative products, just like some products within our 5 Star range. Less than 1% of all items collected cannot be remanufactured or recycled due to damage or defect, so these will be broken down and used to make new life products, offering a full closed loop solution.

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