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Help us to help you make a difference

We can carry out a free Green Audit, where we will look at the products you are using, what you are recycling and what waste you are generating and see where we can make changes that will help to reduce your carbon footprint.

We can also look at reducing the number of deliveries you receive each month, reducing the amount of paper you use, secure paper shredding and recycling services and other emissions-reducing initiatives to help you do your bit towards protecting our planet.



What Are We Doing?

  • Your invoices, credit notes and statements are sent electronically
  • Our drivers are supplied with the ‘Shortest Route Plan’ each day. The average distance from our London depot to our London customers is just 13 miles.
  • We reduce your waste through our intelligent re-usable packing system
  • Our business waste is collected weekly and recycled
  • We organise ‘Leave Your Car At Home Days’
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