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Simplifying the recruitment process

We take the time to develop a deeper understanding of your business needs, your ethos and culture, armed with this knowledge we focus our skills to matching those aspirations to prospective talent who hold the relevant skills and knowledge required to drive your organisation business forward.


We market and gain good interest in your role


We review all applications and select the strongest


We telephone interview all strong applicants


We interview the best applicants in person


You get only the very best of the best sent to you

Coast to Coast Direct deliver solutions that meet your recruitment needs from permanent, temporary and contract roles. We work with start-up, SME, large corporations, 3rd Sectors and Charities to independently owned business.

Recruitment is the single biggest barrier to company growth. We know from our own experiences how difficult and time consuming it can be to recruit the right staff, from writing a job description or an advert to vetting the CVs that flood in. Interviews can take key staff away from their desks for hours at a time too, with no guarantee of finding the right candidate for your position. Put simply, we will take all of the hassle, the time, and the expense out of your recruitment process. And we won’t charge you a high percentage of their starting salary.



This involves us working with you closely to define the role, understand your company/talent needs and if required work alongside your team on onboarding prospective candidate.

The fee structure works in 3 stages.

1.Initiate the search. We discuss in depth your needs, develop a plan and initiate the process, providing a full overview of our model.
2.Agreed at the start. During a specific milestone in the search, typically initiated once potential candidates are identified, screened and tested.
3.Only requested once a successful placement has been achieved.


IconContingent Search

We work within specific sectors, built on our extensive database and contacts to source the most suitable candidates for the role.

This requires no financial commitment from you upfront and we are only paid once a successful introduction and placement has been achieved.



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