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Energy & Utilities

Through our Energy and Utility provider partner, we can make it easy for you to save money on your contracts. We know you're busy running a business, so we’d like to make things simple and straightforward with your energy prices. Our prices are the best available electricity and gas business rates which could save your business money.

We use our buying power to negotiate the very best electricity, gas and fuel deals for your business. We charge you nothing for this service and we work directly with you, not the suppliers.

How does it work? We compare your supply against our comprehensive list of supplier prices to find the best price for your business. Once we’ve identified the most suitable and cost-effective suppliers for your business, we begin to negotiate directly with them to try and drive down their price even further. The results of our search are delivered to you so you can decide which supplier you prefer. While most businesses carry out this exercise with a selection of suppliers we do it with all our suppliers. Therefore, you can be confident that the prices we offer you are the lowest.


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