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Going Green

Protecting the environment is of huge importance to both of our businesses.

In 2007 we invested in the services of Co2 Balance; experts in the practical application of carbon offsetting. When you choose Coast to Coast, you are partnering with a Carbon Zero Company.

Working with Co2 Balance, we have deployed a number of initiatives to become fully Carbon Neutral. Since 2007 we have offset over 200 tonnes of carbon emissions. That’s the equivalent to:

  • Running 30,000 vending machines for a year
  • Making 1,140,000 cups of tea
  • Driving to the moon and back... If you could (600,000 miles)
  • Flying to New York and back 72 times
  • Or getting the train from London to Edinburgh 6600 times

Carbon Zero Logo

Here are just a few of the initiatives we have deployed to cut our emissions:

  • Your invoices, credit notes and statements are sent electronically
  • Our drivers are supplied with the ‘Shortest Route Plan’ each day. The average distance from our London depot to our London customers is just 13 miles.
  • We reduce your waste through our intelligent packing system
  • Your catalogue has a ‘Green Index’ to help you identify our eco products
  • Our business waste is collected weekly and recycled
  • We organise ‘Leave Your Car At Home Days’
  • Our free Toner Recycling program allows you to responsibly discard of used cartridges
  • Our free Green Audit service we will look at your business and identify ways for you to reduce your Carbon Footprint

If you are interested in reducing your carbon emissions, please call the office on 01903 and ask about our Green Audit.

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