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Secure Shredding

Your company stores information which could be a huge risk to your business if it falls into the wrong hands, and the BBC Money Programme report that identity theft in the UK costs our economy roughly £1.7bn per year – but is increasing by an astonishing 500% each year.

Shredding isn’t a legal requirement, but taking the proper steps to secure information is, and every business has to securely dispose of confidential information, including customer lists, client information, credit card receipts, personal files or payroll records. It’s becoming more and more vital to protect and secure information that could be used to steal identities.

We can work with you to implement the most suitable and cost effective shredding solution for your office, supplying different consoles, wheelie bins or secure sacks which can be ordered along with your regular office supplies.

You fill up the consoles, we collect them when you are ready (this can be a weekly, fortnightly, monthly or ad-hoc collection), providing you with a certificate for your records.

We then shred the documents depending on your organisation’s requirements, and then send them to a secure recycling facility where they are bailed and sent for recycling back into paper.

Call us to discuss your requirements and to see if we can save you money.


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